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Digital Malaysia will drive the nation’s wealth creation and enhance the standard of living so that the country will advance towards a developed digital economy by 2020.

What is Digital Malaysia (DM)?

Digital Malaysia is a unique programme based on three strategic thrusts. It will create an ecosystem that promotes the pervasive use of ICT in all aspects of the economy to connect communities globally and interacting in real time resulting in increased Gross National Income, enhanced productivity and an improved standard of living. This will result in a developed digital economy that connects and empowers government, businesses and citizens.

Digital Malaysia (DM) in a Snapshot

ICT Satellite Account

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) in collaboration with the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) and Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) have been tasked to spearhead the establishment of ICT satellite account. We are currently running an online forum to gauge feedback from the general public pertaining to Key Definitions, Process and Methodology, Supply-Side Indicators and Demand-Side Indicators of the ICT Satellite Account.

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News & Media

Digital Malaysia 354 Roadmap Will Drive Malaysia’s Shift Towards A Digital Economy

KUALA LUMPUR, 27th January, 2014: Malaysia’s efforts to shift into a Digital Economy are being accelerated by the deployment of the Digital Malaysia 354 Roadmap (DM354 Roadmap). The 7th Digital Malaysia Steering Committee Meeting chaired by Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Communication and Multimedia, which concluded recently, focused on the next steps required to ensure the successful implementation of the roadmap.