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10 reasons Malaysia is the best place to start your digital business


Location, Location, Location

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Malaysia is located at the heart of the region, making it an ideal gateway to access ASEAN's population base of 600 million (that's larger than the USA and Japan populaces combined) and a collective GDP of USD2 trillion. It is little wonder that over 5,000 companies from 60 nations have already cast their anchors in Malaysia.

Source: http://etp.pemandu.gov.my/Invest_In_Malaysia-@-Why_Malaysia%5E.aspx


State-of- the-Art Infrastructure

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Malaysia boasts one of the best infrastructure in Asia to serve the needs of the business community. From high-speed broadband networks and internet backbones to well-maintained facilities like international airports, international seaports, and excellent road networks that link major growth centres to seaports and airports, Malaysia is a prime launching pad to access the rest of the ASEAN market.

Source: http://www.mida.gov.my/home/developed-infrastructure/posts/


Business Friendly Policies

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With a commitment to helping businesses flourish, the Government of Malaysia has put into place policies that encourage investments (FDI, DDIs) into Malaysia. The success of these policies is proven by our 3rd place ranking in the 2016 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location index and 4th place ranking on the World Bank’s Doing Business 2015 investor protection index.

Source: http://www.doingbusiness.org/rankings


Robust IP Framework

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The Government has established a conducive legal and regulatory framework of Intellectual Property and Cyberlaws in order to address the challenges faced by the tech industry. This is a reaffirmation of the Government’s commitment to realising the vision of making Malaysia a global tech hub.

Source: http://www.mscmalaysia.my/bogs


Efficient Business Environment

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When it comes to business efficiency, Malaysia is ranked 20 out of 144 countries in the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015, beating Indonesia (34th), South Korea (26th) and Australia (22nd).

Source: http://etp.pemandu.gov.my/Invest_In_Malaysia-@-Why_Malaysia%5E.aspx


Thriving Educated Workforce

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Malaysia boasts a robust high-knowledge talent infrastructure with 200,000 graduates produced every year. Coupled with a strong command of the English language, businesses can expect to access a valuable pool of skilled human capital to meet your business needs.


Disruptive Tech at its finest

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Malaysia is at the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution and MDEC’s digital transformation agenda is committed to drive and facilitate the growth of new innovative technologies such as robotics process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, process digitisation and more.


Competitive Cost of Running Businesses

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Property rental rate in Malaysia is one of the world's most economical, at an average of USD15.10 per square meter per month (sqm/mth). This makes us a lot more affordable than Hong Kong (USD167.70/sqm/mth), China (USD44.50/sqm/mth), and Singapore (USD81.90/sqm/mth). Malaysia also offers lower comparative salaries that starts at RM480,000 (USD131,020) for finance directors, compared to HKD1.4 million (USD180,578) in Hong Kong and CNY1 million (USD161,214) in China.

Source: http://etp.pemandu.gov.my/Invest_In_Malaysia-@-Why_Malaysia%5E.aspx


Digitally Savvy Populace

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With more than 20 million active internet users in a 31-million strong population, Malaysians are one of the most digitally connected people. We spend up to 4.6 hours per day on the computer, ahead of countries like Singapore (4.2 hours), Australia (3.6 hours), China (3.4 hours), Hong Kong (3.3 hours), and Japan (2.9 hours). The local market is also a thriving opportunity for companies providing consumer goods and services online, as 50% of the population are active e-commerce shoppers.

Source: http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/slideshare-global- digital-statistics-report- for-2016/


Rich Diversity

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Malaysia is a veritable United Nations of ethnicities. Malaysia's 31 million population is a potpourri of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan, Iban, peppered with Americans, Germans, French, Dutch, English, Japanese, and Koreans. Here, cultural diversity is our strength.

Source: https://www.statistics.gov.my/